Program Evaluation Online Graduate Certificate FAQ's


What are the advantages of this online certificate program compared to other certificate programs?
  1. High Quality and Relevant: The online courses are the same high-quality courses offered in UConn’s world-renowned Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment graduate program, but have been revised with the help of instructional design experts to ensure a high-quality and relevant experience for students.
  2. Asynchronous Weekly Learning Modules: You can complete the weekly work anytime, anywhere in the world.
  3. Personalized Learning: Each cohort is capped at 30 so that instruction can be tailored to student and cohort needs.
  4. Connection and Collaboration: The interactive assignments are designed specifically to foster an evaluation community among students.
  5. Fast Track: The entire online Certificate in Program Evaluation can be completed in just over a year.
Am I right for this online program? Is the online program right for me?

This online program is geared toward working professionals who are, or will, need to conduct evaluations of programs or services. These professionals include, but are not limited to: directors of evaluation, senior research associates, research and evaluation analysts; evaluation scientists; leaders of evaluation units and their staff in state agencies, universities, and foundations, as well as corporations and businesses in the private sector. In the first half of the program, students will develop a broad foundation in the fundamentals of program evaluation, while also being exposed to the cutting edge of methodological and theoretical advancements in the field. Just as important, in the second half of the program, students will put this knowledge into practice when they design, negotiate, and conduct on-the-ground evaluations with real life clients.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the certificate program?

There is one prerequisite that must be met in order to join the online Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation. This is the EPSY 5605 – Introduction to Quantitative Methods I.

Students may request to have this requirement waived if they have taken a graduate-level introductory statistics course from an accredited college or university and earned a B or better.

What courses will I complete?
How long is each online course?

Each course runs on a traditional academic calendar (15 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters, and 8-10 weeks during the summer semester). The simple reason for this is that the content of our online courses does not differ from the content of our face-to-face courses here at the University of Connecticut. Quality and relevance guide our program.

Who are the instructors?

Top evaluation and research methods faculty will teach the courses and advise students as they progress through the program.

How much does the program cost?

The online course fee is $825 per credit or $2,475 per 3-credit course. Visit the Program Fees page.

How do I apply?

Apply online at the Admissions page. We are currently accepting applications.

What if I am interested in taking an individual online course?

If you are interested in taking an individual online course, please inquire via email to ecampus@uconn.edu or call 1-844-322-6787 (toll-free) for more information. Visit the Take a Course page.

Whom should I contact with any further questions about the Online Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation?

Please contact Dr. Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead, Program Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation (bianca@uconn.edu).